onsdag den 8. september 2010

Memory, oh sweet mem....Where was I going?

My memory have always been sort of....Well... Off... But these last couple of years I've started to fear that I might suffer from Alzheimers or something else that's just fun and games...Until someone looses an eye...
Anyway.. I've always considered my memory to be sort of crappy due to the fact that it just took the shitty parts, and sorta threw them away... But lately stuff that really mattered to me, just slips my mind.... I honestly don't know why... Perhaps 18 years just "Makes Jack(I.E. brain) a dull boy"... Or perhaps I just give all that drinking with my freinds a break, and see if that helps.
I supose that's really all that I have to say!
Peace out people, who'll read this at some point!
Or at least I hope so.
Also I have no more things to add, but I still keep on writing...
Check out Zero Punctuation.. Yathzee makes some truly epic reviews!

8 kommentarer:

  1. And yes... I do call my brain "Jack"

  2. Dammit I thought you were actually talking about RAM lol

  3. Lay off the alcohol, friend, is my advice. Showing support for a comrade.

  4. Showing some love!

    Visit my blog(s) please! ^^

  5. Go download the hypnosis track "Self-Hypnosis Improving Memory" and listen to it right before you sleep for a week, I guarantee you will at least feel that you have improved your memory. Although I think a lot of it has to do with forcing concentration.

  6. Supported!


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