mandag den 6. september 2010

Indy... You smug, danger loving bastard!

I like Indy... I guess that's really what this post is all about... I really like the entire franchise(Keep in mind when I say frachise, I don't mean that horribel film with the ever"loving" Shia LaBeouf(Hehe....His name sounds like something you give your dog)..)..
I like the way Indy made the most dull thing on the surface of the earth(archaeology), were perhaps 2 out of a MILLION gets to do something just closely resembling to what Indy does(Bwah bwah bwah, I know Indy was a regular professor too, but he was cool! Unlike alot of those grayhaired bafoons, you see on TV), and the rest just ends up digging potshreds out of hills, and spend eons of time classifying them, seem exciting, in a new and wonderful way!
Which properly led to a lot of archaeologists finishing an education they really didn't want in the mid ninties. Or something.
Anyway... Just sharing!
If you feel like sharing my blog with some of your freinds, feel free! But keep in mind, that if you like one post, you might just hate the next one(since my stream of thoughts, isen't.....Straight forward... At all.....)
Peace out people
Hope to see you around
(Also... I sure used alot of Parentheses today, huh?)

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  2. Showing some support!
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