tirsdag den 31. august 2010

Stay a while, and listen!

So... While I was playing Diablo II, even though I should have done some homework(You know.. Guilty pleasures are the best pleasures), I realized how much I'm looking forward to Diablo III... Especially to see Deckard Cain, that old son of a gun, again! He might just be the most awesome recurring side character ever made... I'm just sayin!(I know this an awefull pop-culture refrence, but what'ya gonna do)
Peace out, you few who dares to follow me! Also if you haven't seen the new Cain... Here the dude is
And if he isen't as cool as ever!!!

So.. I'm sitting in class...

As the title says, I'm sitting in class
and I'm bored like HELL!! So I'm just gonna throw this out there, in case someone is as bored as me..
Peace out people!(I know it's pathetic since I have NO followers)

mandag den 30. august 2010

Oh Okay...

I'll make a real blog... Jesus.... I don't even know how to do this shit.....erhm.... What to write what to write.... Oh I know... I'm considering doing this whole Google AdSence... but i can't figure out whether it's illigal or not...just seems to good to be true, you know? Well anyway.. I better make some homework and head to bed.... Another exciting day of school ahead... Yupdi-fucking-woo....

And then i turned up too

Here i am once again.... or first time for that matter of fact...